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In the interregnum between the Good Friday Agreement and the establishment of the power-sharing Assembly in Northern Ireland, there is unfinished business, fears that much can go wrong. Eamon Delaney, once a member of the Army Council, the high command of the IRA, has long been retired. Ignatius Davin, the Chief of Staff of the IRA, abruptly summons him to a meeting. There are dissidents in the ranks, those who did not agree with the Agreement, and others impatient with the slow progress and the obstacles thrown up by the Unionist parties.

Some have turned to drug smuggling in order to fund a new splinter group prepared to continue the war against the British. If they succeed, the progress towards peace will be in jeopardy. Davin dispatches Eamon and his wife, Mary, to Galicia to find those involved.

In the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela, and along the rugged dangerous coast of North West Spain—the Coast of Death to the Spaniards—Eamon and Mary search for the renegades.

Inside the Republican movement, the struggle goes on as it comes to terms with changed times. Eamon and Mary face the old dilemmas, torn between loyalty to the Movement and to former colleagues. During their search, they find evidence of an informer at the top level of the IRA. And in the unfolding of the treachery, Eamon discovers a larger more sinister plot to resume the war. It becomes a deadly race to get to the informer before they are themselves trapped and killed.